Florence Claudine Mercier | 花朵迷宫
Florence Claudine Mercier | The Flower Maze
法国 France

Located in Daguan Park at the convergence of the paths and the bridge, the garden occupies a strategic node in the site and offers visitors a surprise and a sensitive experience. 

The flower labyrinth symbolizes the relationship between Kunming and France, playing on the traditional labyrinth theme of the French garden and the flower theme that symbolizes Kunming.

The figure of the garden takes the form of the Kunming rose. 

The garden offers the walker a unique experience. He slips through the labyrinth of clipped hedges to land and get lost in the heart of the labyrinth of flowers that compose a colorful painting. He is then immersed in color and flowers. 

Visitors' stroll through the garden is conceived as a choreography in which the walker is both dancer and spectator. 

The design of the project, with its double system of interlacing labyrinths, has been carefully conceived to create a playful interplay between inside and outside. 

The heart of the garden, cut off from the large park by a wall of evergreen hedges, creates a real interiority and offers the visitor a meditative space. It draws distant elements into the scene, with specific framing of the bridge, Ferris wheel and tree crowns. 

From the outside, the heart of the garden is hidden, and its entirety can only be discovered after crossing it from the highchairs, which offer a bird's-eye view. 

The center of the labyrinth is made up of wave-shaped mounds, planted with poppies ranging in color from intense red to orange and yellow, to create a colorful variation along the promenade. The design of the sinuous trails, whose floors are composed of "stone petals" rustling underfoot, has been finely tuned to match this vibrancy of material and lose the walker in this chromatic intensity.  

Combining the art of Chinese and French gardens, the project offers a unique experience, a meeting place for visitors at the crossroads of art and nature.


该项目的设计经过精心构思,由两个相互交错的迷宫系统组成,在内部和外部之间创造出一种有趣的互动。花园的中心地带被一堵常绿树篱墙与大公园隔开,形成了一个真正的内部空间,可供游客们冥想。并将远处的如桥、摩天轮和树冠等元素引入场景。从外面看,花园的中心地带是隐蔽的,只有从高脚椅上鸟瞰,才能发现花园的全貌。迷宫的中心由波浪形的土丘组成,土丘上种植着虞美人,颜色从浓红到橙黄不等,沿着长廊形成五彩斑斓的变化。蜿蜒小径的地面由 "石头花瓣 "组成,在脚下沙沙作响,让步行者沉浸在这种色彩的浓烈中。  


在凡尔赛国立景观建筑学院完成学业后,Florence Mercier于1988年在巴黎创立了自己的事务所。她在法国和国际上从事各种规模的景观建筑项目。并在凡尔赛国立高等教育学院任教。


在景观和城市规划领域,Florence Mercier从事从花园和大尺度公共空间的研究和项目。

After her studies at the National School of Landscape Architecture in Versailles, Florence Mercier founded her practice in 1988, in Paris. She works on landscape architecture projects on a variety of scales, from the garden to the land area, in France and internationally.

Many projects with Asia have nourished her approach and are reflected in the way in which she designs gardens. She is particularly concerned with the space, the form it takes and its dynamic relationship with the user. 

In the fields of landscape and urban planning, Florence Mercier works on studies and projects ranging from the garden and public space to the land area (land area studies – eco-districts – urban and patrimonial renovation projects – development of public spaces – development of riverbanks and natural spaces – artistic interventions).

Of particular note among her projects are the garden of the French embassy in Beijing. In China she also participated on several urban and landscape projects and competitions in Shanghai, Beijing, Jinan, Qi Xian, Qinhuangdao.

Environmental issues are at the heart of her thinking. Throughout this rich weave runs a common thread of concern for Man in his relationship with nature and the space.