Benedetta Di Donato(Italy)& Gjada Orsini(Italy)| 空地-LARADURA
Benedetta Di Donato(Italy)& Gjada Orsini(Italy)| 空地-LARADURA
意大利 Italy


La Radura再现并夸大了欧洲花园的两个主要原型:空地和房间。定义出一个封闭亲切的围合空间。

La Radura是一个静谧氛围的空房间。在公园里,花园和盆地之间的序列定义了景观的节奏。La Radura翻转了人和背景的关系,这是盆地空间的特征:中心是饱和的、满的,边缘可以居住。La Radura在中心区域绘制出空旷的空间。由树木和灌木定义边缘,并将房间与周围的景观隔离开来。在地块的核心区域放置秋千,暗指欧洲园林文化中人与自然关系的操作维度。

La Radura

The Daguan Park is a world of gardens in which a system of paths connects autonomous episodes -small gardens- plotted in a way that prevents an immediate and total view of the entire space. Different scenes and atmospheres catch the visitor’s eye during the park experience. All gardens display the idea of hyper nature a- constructed idea of nature- designed with the goal of making the Park a world garden. La Radura enacts and exaggerates the two main archetypes of the European garden: the clearing and the room, defining an enclosed and intimate interior space.

La Radura is an empty room where the atmosphere is suspended.

In the Park, the sequence between gardens and basins defines the rhythm of the landscape. La Radura reverses the relationship between figure and background that characterizes the space of the basins, where the center is saturated-full- and the edge can be inhabited. La Radura draws an empty space, inhabited in reverse in the central area.

In La Radura, trees and shrubs define the edge and isolate the room from the surrounding landscape.

Adevice, the swing, is placed in core area of the garden, alluding to the operative dimension proper to the relationship between man and nature in European garden culture .

Benedetta Di Donato (1983,罗马)



Architect, PHD in landscape architecture.

Responsible for research and project development during concept definition. She undertakes theoretical research in the studio through international conferences, workshops and seminars. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture in the Department of Architecture and Design at Sapienza University.

Gjada Orsini (1983,罗马)



The architect.

Responsible for the studio's overall guidelines and all stages of project development, responsible for the design and construction process up to the site implementation. She is interested in contemporary production processes and sees the construction phase as a tool to study and experiment with different materials.

Benedetta Di Donato和Gjada Orsini是bada architectura e paesaggio的联合创始人。

对Bada architettura e paesaggio来说,建筑和景观是一种工具,用于协调公众和个人需求、期望和资源、可持续发展和实用主义、环境与人类。她们致力于现有建筑的再利用、临时构筑物设计、展览设计、出版项目、策展活动和教育项目。她们的研究成果发表在众多期刊和杂志上。

Benedetta Di Donato and Gjada Orsini are co-founders of bada architectura e paesaggio.

For Bada architettura e paesaggio, architecture and landscape is a tool for reconciliating public and individual needs, expectations and resources, sustainability and pragmatism, environment and humanity. They work on the reuse of existing buildings, design of temporary structures, exhibition design, publishing projects, curatorial activities and educational programs. Their research has been published in numerous journals and magazines.