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Shenzhen University | Yi Fang Yin
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Wulongpu Village retains a large number of traditional folk dwellings of "one seal" style. "One seal" is one of the typical representatives of Kunming local folk dwelling styles, and also belongs to the characteristic architectural form of Yunnan region.The site of this program is located in front of a "one seal". The garden design takes "Yi Fang Yin" as the concept, and borrows the garden to recall "one seal".Based on the research of "one seal" folk dwellings, we analyze the characteristics of its architectural form, spatial composition, functional composition and other aspects, and translate the architectural laws into the design of outdoor activity space extending from the building, so that the garden site is closer to the architectural noumenon, thus evoking the villagers and tourists' memories of local history and culture.At the same time, the landscape design of "Yi Fang Yin" garden pays attention to the function and social attributes of space. The design form carrier refers to the architectural form of "one seal" folk dwellings, and designs a flexible shared garden landscape, as well as outdoor activity space with functions such as rest, temporary exhibition and popular science, providing an important shared activity space for research teams and surrounding villagers, and carrying the daily life of people here in the future.Where to recall "one seal"?Step into the garden, feel the local customs of Wulong, and perhaps the answer can be revealed slowly from here...


Shenzhen University is one of the earliest institutions in China to set up art and design related disciplines. The Department of Art of Shenzhen University is the department with the most complete art disciplines in Shenzhen. The Department set up the major of industrial design in 1987, and the School of Art was established in 1998 by merging the former Department of Design and the Department of Art of Normal College. In January 2019, in order to build a high-level discipline system and talent training system, and promote the optimization and adjustment of colleges and disciplines, Shenzhen University integrated the former relevant majors of Normal College of Shenzhen University and the former School of Art and Design of Shenzhen University to establish the Department of Art of Shenzhen University. The Department of Art of Shenzhen University consists of 3 schools, with 12 professional departments; 5 master's degrees in first-level disciplines: design, fine arts, art theory, art design, music and dance, drama and film and television; independently set up doctoral degrees in second-level disciplines outside the directory: built space human settlements engineering. The Department actively promotes international education, and has carried out various forms of exchanges and cooperation with famous art and design institutions in the United States, Britain, Russia, Belgium and other places, and has established extensive academic connections. It has the first overseas learning center of Shenzhen University -- the overseas learning center of the School of Art and Design of Shenzhen University and the Royal Academy of Arts of Antwerp in Belgium. Taking the opportunity of building a high-level university, the Department of Art will give full play to the regional advantages of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and cooperate with the implementation of the development strategy of Shenzhen City based on culture. From the aspects of system construction, discipline construction, talent cultivation and social influence, the Department of Art is committed to building itself into a higher education base matching the "City of Design" and "City of Creativity" of Shenzhen, and export high-quality artistic talents for the construction of an innovative city of Shenzhen.