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Located at the intersection of the road, plot 11 is surrounded by diverse and vibrant landscapes.

 In such an environment, our design concept is to create a "growth gate" that highlights the visual image of the traffic node.

 In terms of technology, we chose free and smooth arc steel pipe welding as the main skeleton, and the outer layer is wrapped with a mesh material inspired by the fishing culture of Wolong Village, which is smart and full of local characteristics.

 The design of Wolong Village is not only the integration of architecture and nature, but also a deeper reflection of the close relationship between rural emotions and life.

 As the "gate" plays a bonding role, the design intends to make the structure grow naturally from the terrain, like trees breaking through the earth and breaking free, implying the diversity and individuality of life.

 The warm orange, not only to show the spirit of unremitting struggle and passionate enthusiasm, but also like the roots of a tree rooted deep in the earth, symbolizing the adherence and remembering of the "root".

 Every arc and every piece of mesh in the design bears profound meaning: no matter what challenges we face, we should remember the firmness of our original intention, constantly break through the difficulties, and grow wildly.

 We hope that this design will be like a fire, illuminating people's lives and guiding them to a more meaningful life. It is not just a gateway, but a bridge connecting the past, present and future, an expression of the culture of Wolong Village and a symbol of the spirit of its inhabitants.


Yunnan Art University was founded in 1959, its predecessor can be traced back to the 1938 Southwest United University of the cultural life department and the normal college, is a distinctive, complete art categories of comprehensive higher art colleges in southwest China, is one of the eight comprehensive ordinary undergraduate art colleges in China. The college has always followed the "inherit the tradition, learn from the folk, compatible with China and foreign, service society" philosophy, adhering to the "connotation of the earth, carry forward the past and open up the future" spirit of the school, "pragmatic, innovative, beautiful" motto, based on the unique geographical location and cultural resources advantages in Yunnan, actively serve and integrate into the national and Yunnan development strategy, is committed to building the school into a first-class higher art colleges with international influence and distinctive features. Environmental design major was founded in 1985, is the earliest set of undergraduate environmental design major direction in Yunnan Province, (the first batch) national first-class professional construction points.The professional positioning is a first-class environmental design major in the Indochina Peninsula Mountain Cultural Zone, and the talent training model focuses on the applied research orientation of regional culture and modern design, human settlements environment design, sustainable design, responsive environmental design, historical heritage protection and utilization, service design, characteristic town innovation design, business and innovative design, and cultivates diversified excellent design talents around the people-environment-space-social system.