Homer & Dreamer | 甲马小花园
Homer & Dreamer | The Little Garden of Jiama
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As new Yunnan people, we came to this land for the first time and were attracted by the style of Yunnan Jia Ma.It reflects a non-serious state of this land. It used to come from the Central Plains, but it is full of its own sense of humor everywhere. It is also traditional, but it permeates the breath of life in every inch of ink. "The Little Garden of Jiama" is also such an existence. Its style has the "rough sense" of Jia Ma, but the content of creation is also a bit related to Kunming and Dianchi.

 Happy horses, flapping seagulls, bright colors, we enlarge and refine these things and mix them with the real small garden in Shimen Village.It is like a small dream in the afternoon of childhood, and we think it is also related to Dianchi.

Homer Dreamer Design ⼯作室由徐鸿淼(Homer)和谭梦(Dreamer)夫妇创立,他们于2013年在中央美术学院毕业,组建家庭并成⽴⼯作室,承接设计项目同时也通过对⽣活的观察与感悟进⾏个⼈项⽬的创作。项⽬涉及品牌设计与策划,数字艺术及服务地方设计创生、艺术创生等领域。



Homer & Dreamer Design Studio was founded by Xu Hongmiao and Tan Meng. The couple graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2013. They later started a family and established a studio to undertake design projects and create personal projects based on their observations and perceptions of life. Their projects involve brand design and planning, digital art, and local revitalization and placemaking via design and art.

Works by the Studio are held in the permanent collections of Beijing Metro Line 14 and Kunming Metro Line 4. Their recent exhibitions include the CHINAHOUSE Project of the Echigo-Tsumari Art Field 2020 Summer, ART at FULIANG 2021, Return to Forever - Wuxi Canal Art Festival, and ART at FULIANG 2022 .