Sylvie Denet | 低语记忆
Sylvie Denet | Memories Murmured
法国 France






In the village of Dianchi, I walked through the alley, touching the walls with my hands. I like the rough mud-brick, rough but also soft, they preserved the molding memories of the lake water.

There was water in the village, the feet were in the lake, yet the stretching hands couldn't be in it.

Under the umbrella, I found the village, inspecting the gaps, the cracks of the walls, looking for the what they could tell me. I put my ear on it, but I didn't hear anything. In France, when we would like to know some secret  stories, we say half-jokingly and half - regrettably:“ah! If the walls could talk..."

I imagined that the hollow bricks could reveal the forgotten stories, only the walls have preserved the memories. These imaginary little stories are connected by the water's presentation in each animation.

These hollow bricks which collects the videos are like the mud-bricks negatives. They are moving, brillante, and revealed to us what they have seen. 


1989 – 2005时事漫画家。

1989 – 2017 La Courneuve戏剧中心舞台美术设计师(电影、电视等)。

2019至今 巴黎法兰西喜剧院舞台美术设计师。


Denet在巴黎附近的Aubervilliers生活和工作,并开展多种跨界艺术活动,(画家,动画创作者及法兰⻄喜剧院的舞台美术设计师等)。 2007年在广州美术馆的驻留项目中,她以绘画的方式制作了动画电影《你去哪?》,并在各地展览与艺术节中展出。自此,她作为艺术家制作了许多动画电影。每部动画电影在国内外艺术节上都收获众多好评。

1986 Higher Diploma of Applied Arts in Paris.

1989-2005 Cartoonist for the press.

1989-2017 Decorator of the Center Dramatique de La Courneuve, short films, TV series, cinema.

2019 – Present Decorator of the Comédie-Française (Paris).

2020 Jury Prize at the Anna Arbornfilm festival (Michigan, US).

Sylvie Denet lives and works in Aubervilliers next to Paris. She carries out many artistic activities in multiple forms (painter, animation creator, the Comédie-Française stage art designer, etc.). In 2007, she made the hand drawn animated film [Where are you going?], for the residency project of Guangzhou Art museum. This animated film was shown in many exhibitions and art festivals. Since then, Denet has made  many animated films, all of them were reviewed favourably in the art festivals at home and abroad.