查克里特·奇姆诺克 | 人类与自然之间的文化联系
Chakkrit Chimnok | Cultural Connections between Humans & Nature
泰国 Thailand




Culture is a body of knowledge, wisdom, beliefs that are complex that humans define meaning for life and Surroundings also help human adapt to the environment as the basis for technological development, prosperity and human survival in order to show the origin of social structure relationships in human life that are related to dependence on nature continuously that has been transmitted the wisdom and beliefs about Basketry is a handicraft that has been inherited until it becomes a culture that is related to many types of lifestyles. It can be transmitted from ancestors to the present, reflecting rural people's way of life.

The way of life of the village, villagers with local handicraft production Produce in a way that is sufficient for living use. Use natural resources wisely Respect the sacred things as if there is a special power that resides in things around you. There are activities in relation to nature and the environment Worshiping ancestor spirits, combining beliefs with Buddhism By relying on the supernatural as the basis, folk wisdom supports the existence of the community, including the relationship between people and nature.

The sculpture "Human-Forest Relations Culture" reflects the story of living, reality and possibilities in the context of society and the dimension of concepts towards society. It's a creation based on inspiration, to have seen and learned about the phenomena of people, nature and the environment which have influenced the perspective in terms of aesthetics even more the main structure of the work is large, with a continuous curve up and down in a circular motion. The internal structure is made up of steel bars, to be strong and long lasting the surface of the weave work is overlaid with stainless steel material, which can reflect the surrounding environment as part of the surface.


1997 - 2001 清迈大学美术学院雕塑与版画学士。

2004 – 2008 清迈大学美术学院视觉艺术硕士。

2018 – 2023 清迈大学美术学院艺术与设计博士。 




Born in 1978. 

1997 - 2001 B.F.A. Sculpture & Printmaking, Faculty of Fine arts, Chiang Mai University. 

2008 - 2010 M.F.A. Visual art, Faculty of Fine arts, Chiang Mai University. 

2018 - 2023 Ph.D. Art and Design, Faculty of Fine arts, Chiang Mai University. 

Chakkrit currently works as a lecturer a speaker on Contemporary art, Oriental Art history, Western art history, Lanna art history, Lana ethnic art, as well as being an advisor to students for their final year art thesis dissertation, in the field of Fine and Applied Arts, Faculty of Humanities, Chiang Rai Rajabhat University, Chiang Rai Province, Thailand. 

He has also done researches about wicker in northern Thailand and a basketry of ethnic groups living in Chiang Rai, which also brings the development of wicker's products in the local elderly community in order to lift the value of their products and generate income. For the creation of his work of art, the issues he puts forward and speaks through his visual language are often related to culture, nature, environment, globalization and political society, in various forms of visual arts, such as painting, sculpture, photography, installation, live performance, and etc. 

The art project that has made him famous and being recognized in the international art arena for a long time is the series called "The Body-Imagination-Dried Banana Leaf". He was invited to participate in various exhibitions and organize workshops, for those who were interested in his project, in many countries such as Japan, England, Singapore and Switzerland. He was also invited to participate in International Festivals of Performance Arts Both in Thailand and abroad, such as in Switzerland, China, Germany and South Korea.