林富蓝 | 天堂梦
François Trézin | Paradise Dream
法国 France

When I sleep, I dream of an unknown land. The sky is deep blue, the sea reflects the light like silver, the mountains shine and everywhere I look I see animal figures. I see a panda and an elephant on horseback, horses doing acrobatics, a cat with a seagull on its head and a chicken on its back while I watch a mouse fleeing across a bridge, a cow kissing a rooster, a deer jumping on the back of a camel, and much more. Nothing makes sense.

Is this a dream or is it real?

It is a very special time here in Haiyan, as it is in transition from a traditional fishing village to a tourism-based village.

The mixture of mud bricks, local daily life and artificial beach, palm trees, plastic objects, coffee, motorcycles and selfie culture is an ideal playground for my animals, a kind of paradise where their past, present and future intermingle.

In a world where plastic is king and always ends up in the garbage can, I find it increasingly difficult to throw away packaging, as each of them is a potential material for new creations. Bright colors, reflections, transparencies, different textures, all these qualities are fundamental elements for my art installations and photographic works presented here in Haiyan.

I have been collecting animal figurines for more than 20 years. Call it an obsession. Maybe it was a cheap souvenir from a faraway land, a decorative item destined to end up on grandma’s mantelpiece, or maybe just a toy. I usually buy them at the flea market, a place I’ve known since I was a child. I bring them back from Europe in my suitcase, one suitcase a year, packed with my clothes as I travel the world. In a way, we could say that my characters are world travelers. Very likely some of them were even “born” in China and are now returning to their home country. I see them as representing the different faces of the world and life experience, full of absurdity and craziness, but also innocence, play and fun.

As with all my work, I prefer to immerse myself in the world of childhood and let it inspire me to invent stories. A solitary moment in my bedroom, vacationing with my grandparents, the chirping of birds in the sky at sunset, every single personal experience is a learning moment of life.








"François Trézin (林富蓝) is a French artist and still life photographer, born in 1982 in Provence, South France, based in Dali, Yunnan. François's artistic approach revolves around the use of objects, which he explores through various methods such as collecting, categorizing, transforming, and re-contextualizing. His creative process begins with interacting with the objects, leading to the creation of ephemeral installations, and culminating in captivating photography. Having studied at prestigious schools in France, including Paris, Nantes, and Cergy-Pontoise, François obtained a double degree in graphic design and fine arts. 

François's personal artwork has been showcased in numerous solo and group exhibitions in China and France. Over the past 17 years, François has been highly sought after by the fashion and luxury industry, receiving numerous commissions from magazines, brands, and advertising agencies. His unique vision and artistic expertise have made him a trusted collaborator in the industry."

“林富蓝 (François Trézin) 是一位法国艺术家和静物摄影师,1982年出生于法国南部普罗旺斯,现居云南大理。