Gabor Szentpetery | 海晏的象征意义和装饰品
Gabor Szentpetery | Symbolism and ornaments in Hayan
捷克斯洛伐克 Czechoslovakia

In my eyes, Haiyan Village is a wild mixture of many different symbols and objects. The village even includes various European-style houses with Greek columns, funky rural concrete buildings with different colored tiles and roofs, magical traditional local buildings using earthen walls and many wooden details,usually equipped with the most modern electronic devices such as power banks and electric cars. My murals aim to bring a new dimension to rural landscapes, adding surprise and contrast to everyday life. 

The idea behind my murals was to use contrasting colors and simple geometry to enhance the beauty of the existing building facades, inviting visitors to explore the village and connect with the local people and culture. The whole painted collage incorporates a variety of geometric shapes, symbols, colors, and patterns, referencing some recurring geometric elements present。


Born in 1981 in Czechoslovakia, he is an architect experimenting with art. He co-founded studio GÁSE in 2002 in Prague. While based in Czechia, Spain, the United States, Colombia, and China, he has cooperated and worked on various artistic projects worldwide.

In 2009, after years of studying and working, Gabor decided to take on a global expedition. In his project titled PEOPLEIMEET, he documented people in their natural environments while traveling to more than 80 countries.

Gabor began working as a project manager at the Shanghai-based architecture firm CCTN in 2012. He joined BROAD Group of Changsha in 2016, where he co-founded the biannual architectural design competition known as "SkyCity Challenge." In 2020 Gabor moved to Yunnan, where he is currently reconstructing a local house and pursuing his passion for painting.

1981年出生于捷克斯洛伐克,是一位探索艺术的建筑师。 2002 年于布拉格与他人共同创立了 GÁSE 工作室。 在捷克、西班牙、美国、哥伦比亚和中国生活工作期间,合作并参与了世界各地多个艺术项目。

在多年的学习和工作之后,Gabor于2009年开始全球探险。 在他名为 PEOPLEIMEET 的项目中,他记录了在 80 多个国家旅行时遇到的当地居民以及他们所处的自然环境和生活常态。

Gabor于2012年开始在上海建筑公司CCTN担任项目经理。2016年加入远大科技集团,与他人共同创办了两年一度的建筑设计竞赛“SkyCity Challenge”(天空城市挑战赛)。

2020 年,Gabor 搬到了云南,目前他正在亲手重建一座房屋,并追求他对绘画的热情。